ADHD, SPD, Biopolar and Successful Homeopathic  Treatment
by a Mother in South Carolina, who tried homeopathy successfully.
Reprinted by permission. May 2007.

“My daughter is diagnosed with ADHD, Tourette’s Syndrome, Non Verbal Learning Disability, SPD, and Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Her birth mother is Bipolar and recently my husband and I were convinced she had it.

In the past two weeks I have questioned if she actually has any of these things, except the Tourette’s Syndrome, which is very obvious. No Dr. ever picked up on the fact that my daughter has food allergies. It was not until I told the Doctor I wanted her tested for it, that it was picked up. So once we got the results of what she is allergic too, two weeks ago I put her on a very strict diet and vitamin regimen.

We saw some immediate and wonderful results. For one my child is not laying on the floor screaming bloody murder all the time. We knew we needed more help. Over the last several months we have been to the Psychologist, Psychiatrist, and Neurologist who have run every test known to man. She has been labeled and prescribed drugs (which by the way made things worse, not better).

But none of those doctors could come up with anything to actually help my daughter…in the meantime I had her screaming all the time, punching walls, kicking doors, hurting people and animals, and just generally being completely out of control.

My husband and I were absolutely desperate. I was crying all the time, because really I did not have a clue how to help my daughter. So anyway, in addition to the wonderful results we saw with a change in diet, and lots of vitamins I decided to take her to a woman here locally that is a Homeopath and Kinesthesiologist. (I’m sure I spelled that wrong). Our first appt. was on Wednesday (May 2007). My husband went and he is convinced that it’s a con game, and the woman is selling us snake oil.

Well, first off in analyzing the situation this woman lives in a very well to do neighborhood and is retired. I don’t think she needs the money. I think this is her passion, and she truly wants to help people. I don’t understand Alternative Medicine or Homeopathy, yet!

But my kid has been calmer than I have ever seen her since Thursday. I don’t even know what the woman gave us. We have two bottles of liquid, and she gave me instructions on how to give them. She told us that our daughter has parasites in her brain, heavy metal toxicity (which I had been suspecting), and some odds and ends of other things. She wants us to come back in 5 weeks.

I don’t know and I don’t understand, but my kid is completely different than she was even just 4 days ago:

  • She has been playing calmly all morning…something I have never seen in her life.

  • She is hugging me again, something I had not seen in months, which has brought tears of joy to me many times.

  • She seems more focused.

  • She has not had one single rage since Wednesday.

  • I keep wondering when the other shoe is going to drop or if she is going to go back to her old self…that’s my biggest fear right now.

  • And we certainly have other issues we need to address with my daughter, but right now at this moment she is calm and acting like a normal kid…which I have never seen in her lifetime.

And also on a last note. Even if I knew what was in those bottles, I would not tell people. I will give them this Homeopath’s business card and tell them to go see her, and they can decide for themselves if her method is for them or not…….she does not charge and arm and a leg.

Because what she gave me is just personally for my daughter, not for everyone who has a kid with the same diagnoses. Now if people want to know what vitamins I’m giving my daughter I will discuss that on various boards or with friends and family all they want.”