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Autism Recovery with Homeopathy

by Erica McPhee,
Mother of a Recovered Son and Homeopath
Reprinted by permission. May 7, 2005

Erica McPhee's Audio Interview

March 17, 2006: An audio interview with Erica McPhee, the mom of Kaiden, who was cured of autism thanks to homeopathic treatment!

My son was born in July 2001, a healthy 9 pounds, 10 ounces, 9 and 10 on the APGAR. The next day he developed a small fever and jaundice. I found out later he had a HepB vaccine without my knowledge. Despite persistent thrush and yeast rashes, my son flourished. He maintained growth in the 95th percentile, began very early babbling sounds, and began sleeping through the night. At 9 weeks old, he suffered a severe reaction to his first round of vaccines. He screamed incessantly from that moment on. He stopped sucking his thumb, stopped sleeping almost completely, developed all over body hives and eczema, severe reflux and aspirating, and his chronic yeast and thrush worsened. He ceased all babbling, and plummeted from the 95th percentile to below the 5th to off the chart for weight. He stopped having BMs (having only 3 in 2 months in the time right after his shots!) He developed food intolerances to nearly everything. He began head banging as soon as he could crawl (at an early 5.5 months).

As he got older, autistic behaviors became apparent. He also had severe food intolerances, PST (phenol sulfur transferese) deficiency, leaky gut syndrome, hypotonia, and a multitude of other issues. By July of 2002 when my son turned 1 year old - he was still off the weight charts despite eating well. He had chronic eczema, all over body hives, a weepy eye, and all the other issues. We did a strict elimination diet and found a DAN (Defeat Autism Now!) doctor who confirmed our suspicions and documented our son had high mercury, high arsenic, leaky gut syndrome, excess yeast, and tetanus titers 3 times what is considered immune after just one shot (they are supposed to receive four).

While the diet helped significantly, it wasn't until we began homeopathy in November of 2002 that we saw a huge turn around. Our first remedy I took as I was still nursing him while following the elimination diet. He made incredible gains (see bulleted list below). In summer of 2003 we gave the first dose of DPT remedy directly with astounding results. In November of 2003 we gave the second dose and we had our son back.

My son is now completely recovered except for his food sensitivities. He must remain on the diet or he regresses. However, he has his personality back, talks above age level, tests out developmentally above age level, plays independently, as well as with other children. He is a normal, happy, healthy, sweet natured little boy!

Following is a list of before and after behaviors.

Before beginning homeopathic treatments:

Head banging 50+ times per day -Pushing head on carpet -Licking things -Walking on tiptoes -Lining things up -Spinning - Addicted to Mozart music cube -Had never played with a toy -Had never pointed -Did not interact with his 5 year old sister -Did not talk -Did not notice surroundings -Did not respond to name -Did not communicate wants -Did not know mama or dada -Did not notice other children -Could not follow something pointed out -Could not follow simple directions -Stared at the TV for hours at a time (if I let him) without looking away -Basically just wandered around the house all day -Preoccupation with phone/ ringing -Preoccupation with boots -Severe food sensitivities continue -Frequent congestion/colds (environmental allergies) -Frequent raw, red diaper rash -Weak muscles - Hypotonia -Drunken sailor walk, falls down often, falls into things -Frequent loss of balance -Difficulty climbing up on furniture, rag doll like -Persistent weeping eye -Cold to the touch – did not sweat -Frequent hugging but more of a sensory experience – folds arms under and lays head on shoulder -Sighs frequently, difficulty (does not) exerting himself -Sensitive to touch, does not like ears, fingers, or toes touched -Delayed response (waves bye-bye 3 minutes after leaving) -Frequent rages

After homeopathic treatments.
Within one month of first dose of remedy (11/2002):

-Pointed deliberately -Noticed changes in his surroundings- Responded to name on first try -Played with sister -Looked at something pointed out -Answered yes or no with head nod -Took hand to lead to wants - Called each parent by name (mama & dada) -Pointed to little girl his age at store and said, `hi` -Began to play for 1 minute at a time -Reacted scared to movie for first time (which he had seen many times before) -Followed three step commands -Began drawing using different colors (stim - 1/2 hour to an hour at a time) -Trying to emulate speech noises.

2nd Dose of remedy January 30, 2003. No other interventions.
Within two weeks:

-No head banging -No spinning -No pushing head on carpet - Not stimming on words -No longer obsessed with boots or phone or coloring - Plays with sister and independently -Engages in pretend play - Showing interest in books -Walking steadily -Able to tolerable vitamin -11 words although most of his own language

1st dose of DPT remedy given in July. By September, 2003 (26 months old):

-Successfully weaned off Pepcid -Weeping Eye cleared -50 words -25 signs -Knows all his colors and shapes -Very social -Loves reading books -Walking steadily

November 12, 2003, 2nd dose of DPT remedy. No other interventions:

-Within two weeks (28 months old): -Potty trained himself! -Dresses himself completely head to toe (had never put on a piece of clothing before) -Putting 3+ words together -Talks more than he signs -Repeats words back -Repeats entire alphabet & 1 - 10 -Recognizing letters -Writing the letters B & O -Can pick out ME, NH, FL, TX, CA, WA, and OR on a map from memory -Understands concept of 2 -Consistent use of “yup” in place of “oh” -Uses words like “in,” “on,” and “up” consistently and properly -Showing typical developmentally appropriate behaviors (terrible two’s)

By February 2004 (31 months old):

-Using words spontaneously and appropriately. Talking in full sentences. Lost track counting at 150+ words. Age appropriate for speech! -Self-created language diminished -Calls people by name -Refers to self by name -Recognizes self in mirror -Uses pronouns (you & me) appropriately -Loses all developmental services (speech - was 1 hour 2x/week and developmental therapy - 2 hours 1x/week) -Tests out advanced in many areas -Sleeps 11 hours per night -Very happy toddler -Completely indistinguishable from his peers

Recently while driving in the car he told me all about how ``bears hibernate in the winter, lions roar in the jungle, and baby kangaroos ride in their Mommy`s pouch.`` At bedtime, he sneaks out of bed and turns on his light to read books in his bed. Every day he surprises and delights us with new stories and new thoughts and ideas. His speech is becoming more and more articulate and his inflection is heartwarming. He has also become very loving and snuggly. Whereas before he did not like his fingers, toes, and ears touched, today he will happily climb on my lap and snuggle in. One of the happiest days of my life was when he recently held my face in his hands and said, ``I love you, Mommy.``

While we did many interventions (diet, probiotics, CLO, DMG, enzymes for phenol intolerance, etc.), I believe the homeopathy has played a significant role in his recovery. We have also had much success with homeopathy for me, my husband, and my daughter.

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